Can anyone debunk or refute this article thanks just this part that says higher taxes will mean that business?

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Question by Un: Can anyone debunk or refute this article thanks just this part that says higher taxes will mean that business?
Can anyone debunk or refute this article thanks just this part that says higher taxes will mean that business owners will keep their money inside their business to avoid higher taxes and they will create Jobs ? In other words Can anyone debunk this Liberal claim thank you the Person is saying higher Income Tax creates a Incentive to create Jobs ?

Thom Hartmann: But it seemed, just common sense. I remember back in the ‘80s, I owned a business, International Wholesale Travel in Atlanta, Georgia. That business has, since we sold it done over 200 billion dollars in business. And there was a year when we were doing really, really well and I could either write a big check to myself or not. And I decided not to, because I didn’t want to pay the increased taxes. I put it back into the business. How can cutting taxes on rich people, on high income people, do anything other than encourage them to take the money out of their companies, out of their businesses, and buy fancy paintings or yachts or put it in Swiss bank accounts? How conceivably could that help the economy?

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Answer by rowan volvo
Nope, it’s irrefutable common sense.

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6 thoughts on “Can anyone debunk or refute this article thanks just this part that says higher taxes will mean that business?

  1. what Hartmann meant was he used the company check book to purchase items that he wanted which were not likely business related and he could write off of his business taxes therefore avoiding the tax altogether.

  2. Ok, so lets punish success in America and reward the lazy with the rich folks money and then complain about the rich moving overseas with their businesses and taking American jobs with them but that’s ok as long as Dems can blame Republicans for it but in reality its Democrat policies that are making them leave, so you Dems keep up the good work and lets punish all those that make more than us….

  3. What it normally means is they pay more taxes and then cannot hire ore people as that cash goes to taxes. like GE, Google and host of others who pay none do to loopholes or being offshore or in another country. It’s not going to change it would probably hurt the smaller owners not the giants who pay the attorneys to rig it for them.

    GE makes a zillion of the mercury bulbs in China I wonder why they are so expensive vs the few made here, it’s like what the market will bear and if they can make them for a quarter vs them being made here for half a buck then it’s more profit for them, but just like lettuce, which they pay per head to cut, it you pay someone ten bucks an hour and they cut 100 heads then labor is a dime a head and they sale for over a buck at the store, so if you give the labor a raise of two bucks then it’s 12 cents a head. As far as the bulbs if they make them for half price in China then put a 25 tariff on it to make it competitive for the ones making them hear, paying taxes and hiring Americans. It’s not going to break them and why support them if they don’t help- the economy.

    If Toyota, Nissan and other firms can come here to reap the rewards of the largest consumer base and make money then so can those creeps.

  4. The reason America is broke is because nobody wants to pay the bills.

    P.S. you answered your own question. If taxes on higher incomes were larger then people would invest in and grow their business instead. This wouleadad to economic stimulus thus creating more jobs for lower paid people and more taxes being paid to the government so that they could then start paying off some of the debt.

  5. You do not need to debunk reality. The historical data proves out exactly what Hartmann states…

  6. the Fallacy is as simple as capitalism. Investment is made where it will return the most profit. That is not in the USA.

    Business’ have, currently are and will in the future take the profit from sales in the USA and invest it in Communist China where they can maximize their profit. This does not create jobs in the USA, it takes money out of the American Economy.

    The government taxes the profit so the money that would be taken out of the American economy can be redistributed in the American Economy in the form of contracts for road construction, dams, airports, sewer projects, education jobs, etc.

    Taxes provide jobs in the USA. The profit kept by Capitalist provides jobs in Communist China.

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